About Us

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The museum was the brainchild of Lincoln Mott, George Mott and Frank Place.

We were Incorporated in 1984 by the state of New Jersey, received our 501c3 status from the IRS in 1985. Put on the Pub 78 (a list of all tax exempt organizations from the IRS). Frank was the president up till his death (1998). Since then Jim Comis assumed president’s post and continues to serve.

We are a Veterans Organization.

The museum goes to organizations such as schools , hospitals, veterans homes, churches, fire companies, senior citizens homes, military installation free of charge at there request.

We are presently working out of a trailer as far as displays go. Office work and storage at my home, which will continue until we have a museum.

The museum has a varied collection of memorabilia ranging from WWI through Vietnam. The display includes patches, uniforms, weapons and radios.